option 1

Budget Payment Plan

Tired of huge spikes in your heating bills during the coldest winter months? Now you can end those spikes with our convenient and predictable budget payment plan. No matter how many deliveries you need during the winter, you can rest assured knowing what your monthly bill will be ahead of time. 

When you are on the Budget Payment Plan, your estimated oil consumption for the year is divided into 10 equal monthly payments. Payment is due by the 30th of every month. 

At the end of the plan, if your monthly payments more than covered your oil purchases, you will receive a credit. However, if there is an unpaid balance, it will be due upon receipt of the final statement.

As an added convenience, we can also include your service plan in your monthly budget. So don't let another winter go by without enjoying the convenience and predictability of our Budget Payment Plan. Call us to sign up today at 203.367.7064.

*Please note: Customers on the budget payment plan are expected to pay their monthly payment by the 30th of each month. If payment is not received by this date, a $50 dollar late charge will apply.



Option 2

Pay Per Delivery

We recognize that the Budget Payment Plan may not be right for everyone, so we also offer a Pay Per Delivery option. This allows you to pay as you go. Once a delivery has been made, you have 14 days to remit payment. 

*Please note: If payments are not received within 14 days from delivery, there will be an additional charge of .25 per gallon. If payments are not received within 30 days, you will forfeit your membership into the Buyers Club Program.



Option 3

Cash On Delivery

If you prefer, you can choose to pay COD. In this case, you will never receive a bill from Economy Fuel, as you will make the payment for each delivery at the time of delivery, by cash or credit card.

*Please note: This is a required form of payment for all Buyers Club members whose credit does not meet our baseline criteria.