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Because our customers like to see how much they are saving, we like to post our prices daily.

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Huge Savings And Great Service. 
That is what Economy Fuel is all about.

We have built our company around the principles that low prices do not have to mean poor service. In fact, we pride ourselves on the exact opposite. We deliver great service AND low prices.

Are oil prices driving you crazy?

Do other companies have too many confusing pricing options to choose from? Are you tired of offers that seem too good to be true? Are you worried that if you sign up for a program and change your mind you’ll have to pay outrageous cancellation fees?

Well, look no further. The Economy Fuel Heating Oil Buyers Club is the best and most affordable way to buy heating oil for your home and it can literally save you hundreds of dollars each and every year!

Simply put, the Buyers Club is an annual membership program, much like BJ's or Costco, that gives you access to the most affordable heating oil possible from a full service energy provider. And, with a variety of service plans sure to meet your needs, you can rest easy knowing Economy Fuel will be there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We're proud to serve those who've served.

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