Option 1

Automatic Delivery

Automatic delivery of your heating oil is our most preferred method of delivery. With this option, we use a computerized system to calculate when you are running low based on criteria such as the size of your home, your heating system, and the weather. This is the best way to ensure you never run out of oil again and you'll receive low priced heating oil, automatically, throughout the year.



Option 2

Will Call

If you would prefer more control over your delivery schedule, you may choose our Will Call delivery option. This means that you are responsible for checking the gauge on your oil tank on a regular basis and calling us when you are running low - we suggest calling us when your tank is 1/4 full so we can properly schedule your next delivery before you run out. 

*Should you run yourself out of oil and require a delivery outside of regular business hours, you will be subject to additional fees. In addition, you must remember to call days in advance of running out as calling in the morning on a day your tank is empty does not guarantee we can make your delivery that same day.