Cash On Delivery (COD)

As a COD customer, you will never receive a bill from Economy Fuel. COD is flexible and helps to manage your expenses during the winter.

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COD Benefits

  1. Flexible Delivery: You have complete control over your delivery schedule and are responsible for placing an order when you need it.

  2. Two Ways to Order: Call us at 203.367.7064 or place an order online by filling in the form below.

  3. COD Payment: Payment is made at the time you place an order by credit card OR at the time of delivery by cash or check.

  4. Discounted Pricing: We post our price daily on our website for everyone to see.

  5. No Contracts


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Call us at 203.367.7064 or fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you to schedule your delivery. Same day delivery is not guaranteed.

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